V&V has extensive, successful and recognized trajectory and experience in the development and implementation of the criminal law in Colombia, making this practice one of his most important presentation letters thanks to the complexity and importance of the issues developed by the firm.

The high ethical, professional and academic commitment, as well as the opportunity, strategy, diligence and skill carried out in each of the matters that are brought to our attention, has allowed us to harmonize the different practices of the firm and draw the right solutions, thus allowing the safeguard of the interests of our clients, preventing them from being engaged in conducts that create criminal liability on the occasion of their business.

The representation of those who hire our professional services in the procedures carried out under the procedures of Law 600 of 2000 and Law 906 of 2004, as defense of the accused or Representative of the Victim, are served with the strictest criminal-legal standards before the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Decision of High Courts, Judges of the Republic and the Attorney General's Office.
Our experience of over 40 years, the specialized knowledge in the field and the trust of our clients has allowed us to extend the practice to international bodies and jurisdictions.

The services provided by the firm in Criminal Matters include Advisories, Concepts, Consulting and Litigation in important practices such as

- Corporate Criminal Law
- Military Criminal Law
- International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law